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I am Venis Daniels, Author, Editor, Book Designer, and Publisher of God’s Masterpiece… Fearfully and Wonderfully Made! This is the first book – I have written. For so long, I incessantly heard that I should write a book; however, I was never interested UNTIL October 2017.


During breast cancer awareness month, I unexpectedly found a lump camping out in my breast. I was not prepared for subsequent events that would ultimately birth: God’s Masterpiece…Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

Writing this book was the most challenging project I ever encountered. You see, as I began writing my story, I was: a. clueless about what happened to me, and b. unable to adequately articulate my diagnosis!


Thus, with my medical records, limited knowledge, research, research, and more research, I set out to recount my experience as a breast cancer survivor, except this time - I was able to witness The Lord's miraculous healing power from the (outside - in)!

In my story, although I thank Him profusely throughout, I take a moment to thank the Lord for granting me the ability to not only UNDERSTAND my diagnosis BUT to write it as if I were mentally present and accounted for - the entire time. I was not! 


I am so GRATEFUL to GOD for allowing me to have this experience. It was daunting, but it left me in total amazement at how POWERFUL the LORD GOD really is! He is WORTHY OF ALLLL, MY PRAISE!!!


I love the LORD and His Word. I believe my survival was predicated on the Lord’s grace and mercy that protected and healed me. My desire is to reflect the beauty of the LORD in my life! Because of the LORD…



Venis Daniels

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